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Monday, December 5, 2011

Writing..Composition (2)

Posted by ZACKZAUL

Working life Vs Social life

To what extent working life could affect the social life in order to in line with high cost of living.

People in business are too busy making profit everyday to increase amount of money in the bank and to compete with another rivals in the market. While people in the office are working over time to earn extra money for family, kids, household , debt and many things to meet the needs. Have you ever thought of when was the last time you hang out with buddies? Or the last time pranked with colleague during your birthday. These kind of things will draw your memory back on how happy the life is.

There is no doubt that modern lifestyle influences the way of life and make time very limited to socialize. Those who are working in the office committed with assignment loads, meetings, project papers, presentations and meeting with clients. Time constraint while dealing with these commitments is the main reason why people have a little time to mingle with friends.

Sleeping and relax at home on the weekends can be a great way to release stress after spending the whole weekdays on working. People tend to wasting time without doing anything like sitting in front of the television, playing games, listening to the music by themselves. These activities are good sometimes but socialize with other friends indeed more valuable.

Time management is indispensable in spending time between working and social activity. There are no excuses why people cannot find the right time chill with some friends unless you are hard worker and a real workaholic. Working is important in earning money but social life is vital to get close with society. So, enjoy and having a great time with is good!

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